Natural Home Remedies to Treat Underarm Boils

Underarm boils are pus-filled bumps that occur on the armpits and formed under the armpit skin because of bacterial infection and inflammation of hair follicles. Usually, boils begin as tender, red lumps. The lumps grow larger as they fill up with pus, becoming more painful and they continue filling up with pus, which causes them to rupture. Usually, the staphylococcus bacteria cause boils on the armpit.

How to Prevent Underarm Boils?

One way of preventing boils on the armpit is by drinking plenty of water since toxins are removed from the body this way. Armpit boils can also be prevented by avoiding alcohol, eating a balanced, healthy diet, maintaining self-hygiene, removing armpit hair and taking walks in the fresh air.

Home Remedies for Treating Underarm Boils

For many years, turmeric has been used as a well-known remedy for boils, including those on the armpit. Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When it comes to pus-filled armpit boils, a mixture is prepared by mixing burnt turmeric root with water and this is applied over the boil. The pus-formation is hastened this way and the boil ruptures.

Armpit boils can also be treated using Betel leaves. This is also quite an old remedy for boils. A betel leaf is usually dipped in warm water in order to soften it and castor oil is spread all over the softened leaf. The leaf is then applied over the entire boil region and has to be changed after every hour or so. The ripening of an underarm boil is hastened this way and the boil is ruptured.

Another home remedy that can be used to treat armpit boils is neem leaves. 15 to 20 grams of neem leaves have to be mixed with half a liter of water and the preparation has to be boiled until it reduces to one third of the original amount. This preparation is applied to an armpit boil to treat it.

Other Effective Treatments for Underarm Boils

For the treatment of their underarm boils, often people prefer to pay a visit to the doctor. However, there are many other effective, useful remedies that can be used from the comfort of home to relieve and treat these painful boils from the armpit.

Armpit boils can be treated using cornmeal. Paste can be created simply by mixing finely ground cornmeal with water and boiling the mixture. The preparation should be cooled down and applied on the boil like a poultice. Since the ingredients have absorptive properties so that will cause the paste to dry our once it has been applied. The paste should be reapplied after every hour or so as soon as the fluids in the boil have been drawn out by the dry paste.

Astonishingly, even bacon can be used for treating underarm boils. The pus filled in a painful armpit boil can be drawn out using bacon. A piece of bacon should be salted and placed between a few pieces of cloth. The salted bacon wrapped in the cloth should be regularly applied to the boil during the day.

Boils that occur on the armpit can also be treated using onions. An onion should simply be cut in half and the raw side of the onion should be placed on the boil. A cloth bandage or a piece of cloth can be used to securely tie the piece of onion in place. The onion should be changed every couple of hours until the pus in the boil has drained itself out.

Milk can also be used to treat armpit boils. 3 teaspoons of salt should be added to a cup of hot milk and the salt should be dissolved thoroughly. The mixture should be simmered and some flour should be added to thicken it. This thicken solution can be applied to the boil on the armpit and should be reapplied after every 30 minutes or so, after cleaning the previous one.

Another age old remedy that can help treat boils on the armpit is the application of egg whites. Simply, an egg should be hard boiled and the yolk should be removed after peeling it. The remaining egg white should be wetted and applied directly over the boil on the armpit. The egg white should be tied in place and should be changed after every few hours.

Underarm boils can be very irritating and painful, fortunately, treating them is not as difficult and they can actually be treated effectively using the mentioned remedies.